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We have a wide selection of flypresses in stock, from which to choose, with more arriving throughout the year.

Flypress sizes range from #1 through #10 with the numbers roughly correlating to the tonnage of the press. We also are able to get deep throat versions in most sizes. Tooling for the presses is also available

We frequently get anvils, swage blocks, Post leg vices, power hammers and other blacksmith tools.

About ME

Established in 2013

West Coast Flypresses  was established  in 2013, shortly after attending  a workshop put on by the CBA featuring the skills & craftsmanship of Daniel Miller. Upon seeing  the different tasks, the ability to repeat  accurate strokes of the ram & tooling,the lack of noise ,no power supply needed, the mechanical advantage this tool gave the user ,it was very apparent that a flypress had to be part of a smiths arsenal.

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Since getting involved with blacksmithing in 2012, my shift from fabrication type art work to forging has been influenced by the many talented local artists in the CBA and throughout the USA and the UK. I have been fortunate enough to attend many workshops where I have learned about different styles and aspects of blacksmithing/metalsmithing.

The pieces in my gallery are all post 2012 examples of transitioning from fabrication to forging . They are mainly small pieces but I discovered, surprisingly, that many techniques were required to complete some of them.

My goal is to continue to be exposed to the incredible talent that is out there and to develop my skills. I find that the day to day objects inspire me to create pieces that people will be proud to own.

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